every day a spoon of SNP Ghee keeps you healthy, strong, active, and full of energy. SNP Ghee is an ethnic product, essential for vision, body growth, bone metabolism, and immune function.

Ghee is pure, clarified fat-derived solely from milk or from desi butter or from cream to which no coloring matter is added. Ghee is made from pure cow milk i.e. cow milk without adulteration and is easily digestible. The color of ghee is golden yellow due to the carotene pigment present in cow’s milk. Granulation of ghee is due to the melting content of glycerides of higher melting saturated fatty acids, especially Palmitic & Stearic.

SNP Ghee is famous for its taste and flavor and is made from cow’s milk maintaining its natural aroma & flavor. It is also rich in natural vitamins & antioxidants available in milk fat. It provides good health to you & your family. ‘Ayurveda’- the ancient Indian medical science recommends daily consumption of ghee made from cow’s milk.

Benefits Usage

  • Spread on parantha, roti.
  • Ideal for cooking, garnishing, making sweets.

General Informations

Available in 100ml, 200ml, 1000ml
Energy 46k calories/100ml
Suitable For Cow panner is richest source of milk fat of all indian dairy products. Its Conatinfat soluble vitamins A,D,E & K that provide energy.


Nutritional Information
[100ml contains approx.] Prepared from fresh cow milk having cooked flavor
Carbohydrates 0 gm
Fat 99.5 g
Saturated 61.9 g
Vitamin A 3069 IU
Vitamin E 15.7 mg
Compositions %
Polyunsaturated fat 3.7 g
Energy 469kj (112 Kcal)