About Us SNP Dairy

  • The Farm was engaged in milk production in the past and was producing 750 lts of milk/day which was supplied. The farm no longer produces milk as the focus is on rearing young calves. The promoters intend to create a model dairy farm with 20 milch cows for training and display purposes in the near future.
  • The Farm has produced two batches of 50 best cross-bred HF heifers and has sold to selected few farms. Currently, a batch of 25 HF calves breeding programs is going on.
  • The Farmhouses the latest facility for fodder production (Hydroponics System) which is built in an RCC structure with a fodder growing capacity of 750kg to 1 Ton green fodder per day.
  • SNP Dairy Farms has provided consulting support to 5 new small farms of size 10-50 cows and is currently involved in helping many more new farms get established.